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Latest Post The app allows you to sync all of your contacts, Facebook friends, calendar dates and arrange them all in one place. Besides getting notifications, you can also greet people without leaving the app. There are different ways of how you can do it: You can use it just as a tracker, of course, but it is quite nice to have greeting tools at hand as well. Birthdays for Android is an excellent app to remind you of all the important and maybe not so important b-days.

A cool thing is that it also lets you create a widget with all the important dates on your homescreen. The app also has notes where you can write gift ideas or some other details. Just like the app above, this one lets you send birthday cards and there is an indeed wide choice of birthday cards. So, if you are an Android user and want to keep all things including birthday dates in order, download this app. What a relief we do not have to waste trees paper on such congratulations anymore! Some of the cards are old-fashioned, of course, but it makes them even more atmospheric.

There is a big choice on practically every occasion. Such a rare collection is definitely worth having!

It will bring lots of joy both to you and those you love. By the way, if you like the idea of congratulating your birthday boys and girls in an original way, check out this article: You can make the app count that time not just in days, but also in hours, minutes, and even seconds! It all depends on how much you are expecting something. Just like some other apps, this one has a synchronization feature. More than that, you can create widgets of events to see exactly how much time is left till that very day.

The widgets can be edited in many ways — you can even add your own pictures to them. As an event approaches, the app will give you signs of it more frequently. Of course, if you want it to. All in all, this is a perfect app for counting days till birthdays or just tracking birthdays. There are some ads in the lite version, but because it is the lite version, everything is free. This is an open source app, which means that it is free, easy, and awesome.

There is a number of features — from the basic ones like countdown, syncing, reminding to more advanced ones like widgets, back up, finding out who else was born on that special date, finding out the age of a person, and more. This is a pretty cool feature!

How to set up Calendar Alert & Reminders on Iphone

Night mode looks especially stylish. So, if you happen to have an Android device, this one is one more great option for you. Choose it, get it, and enjoy it! Today, as you probably know, the self-help industry has an unprecedented growth. People want to be faster, stronger, better, and… more organized. Its functionality is not limited to reminding of certain events — the app also lets you write to-do lists, view to-lists, mark things out, and more. What interests us most in this app is its calendar. Just like in Google Calendar, here you can add events, give them names, and set reminders.

The app works well everywhere. BZ Reminder is an excellent app the main function of which is reminding you of events, tasks, things to do, etc. The app can be a useful addition to such planning apps as Trello, Google Keep, Evernote — it depends on which one you prefer to use.

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You can enter dates by yourself or import them from your contact list — the app will accept everything and give you a sign when it is needed. The interface of this reminder is nice and smooth.

11 Best birthday tracking apps (Android & iOS)

No clumsy unnecessary details — just the ones that are actually helpful. Get the app now and never forget anything! Todoist is one more organizer of tasks. This one is extremely popular as it not only lets you write to-do-lists, but also tracks your activity and makes sure that everything you plan is done on time. More than that, this modern organizer allows you to group certain tasks in different categories, such as family, work, studies, and so on.

These 7 birthday calendars for iPhone help you do just that:. Calendar Birthday for iPhone: It is Facebook friendly and can handle birthdays from your native address book too. It has customizable reminder settings. Birthday Sweet: This app is free but works just fine.. It imports the relevant information from Facebook and lets you post greetings to Facebook. It supports the lunar calendar as well.

Google Calendar

It can be synchronized with the iPhone calendar as well. So, give them a try, see which one you like best, and let us know! This update includes: This one is extremely popular as it not only lets you write to-do-lists, but also tracks your activity and makes sure that everything you plan is done on time. It has a

Reminder App: But getting a reminder before they come up is nice too. This app helps you with that. Birthday Cal: This tool is Twitter and Facebook friendly.